Alarm bells ringing as OAU goes under siege of Cultists threat! Following zlatans performance

Cultists of the Aloha clan have written an open letter to Africa’s most beautiful campus, promising to visit on June 1 to rain bullets of death, sorrow and grief on innocent students. Till now, the school is doing anything about this threat, it’s not being talked about in the media and security agencies are not looking into the matter or reassuring students of safety.

This is the backstory.

In-form Zanku star, Zlatan Ibile was recently on the campus to perform, and Ife being a small city, it was the talk of the town.

Turned out that Zlatan is a member of the Aloha group, and other student members of the group from a neighbouring school, OUI decided to also attend the event – to support their son who was in town.

OAU, a school strongly against cultism and it’s activities on campus was the wrong place for these Aloha guys. They were apprehended by the school vigilante or Man-O-War (not sure now) and beaten to a pulp before being handed over to the Police.

The Police released the cultists and sent them back to their leader who has now written a funny but strongly worded letter to the campus, threatening to crawl on the campus and killing 7 students for each of his boys that was humiliated on the campus. He has even gone ahead to say there is nothing the campus security team can do to stop them.

View letter below

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